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Pharmacognosy Research

Pharmacognosy pertains with disseminating the knowledge of medicinal plants and their use for various diseases. The department provides knowledge to UG students ranging from basic concept of pharmcognosy to the production of pharmaceutical raw materials from natural sources, chemical analysis, phytotherapy and phytochemical screening of plants. The department has two well equipped laboratories, one for UG and other for PG and Ph.D. students.

The Pharmacognosy laboratory comprises of high resolution microscopes, HPTLC, UV chamber, magnetic stirrer, Rotary evaporator, Soxhlet Extraction unit, Distillation unit, etc. The department is also having medicinal plant garden having a varied range of plants, which protracts the scope of research on medicinal plants.

Research Areas

  • Development and evaluation of polyherbal formulations.
  • Standardization of polyherbal formulations.
  • Isolation of marker phyto-constituents and preparation of marker library.
  • Rationalization of Ayurvedic formulations.
  • Analytical method development for standardization herbs.
  • In vitro screening of herbal extract for various pharmacological activities.
  • Collaboration with herbal industries for analysis of herbal formulations.
  • Collaboration with government hospitals for clinical trial of developed herbal formulation.

Potential areas for service to industry

  • Method development and validation of herbal drugs/phyto-constituents.
  • Standardization of herbal drugs as per ICH/WHO guidelines.
  • In-vitro toxicity study of herbal plants.

An insight into activities

The students and the faculty of the department perform organized research to isolate various active constituents from herbal drugs and estimate them. The department provides a quality practical training to UG students for developing practice to identify the drug both morphologically and microscopically. PG students are encouraged for performing quality research and publishing them in journals or present them in various national and international meetings. One of the faculties has recently fetched the grant from GUJCOST for doctoral research work.