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Campus Director

Establishing an array of institutes offering frontline value-added professional programmes like MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA, & PGDCA under the umbrella of Higher Education arm of SVKM has changed the very complexion of Sarva Vidyalaya campus at Kadi. Being the forerunners of several such institutes likely to be established in future, it is the responsibility of these institutions to show, in visible terms, how best the work culture, richness of resources, career motivation of students and commitment of faculty members could be deployed for quality education having relevance derived from, and judged by, the professional field."

Having been in close touch with the captains of industry, we recognize that Industry-Institute-Interactions (I-I-I) is the most important corner stone on which the edifice of professional programmes could be constructed. This is all the very important to us as our pioneer batch of BCA & MCA will be passing out this year.

Unlike the modality of learning in general graduation programme that most of the students undergo, we believe and have institutionalized a culture wherein the students themselves are been steered to learning opportunities and a teacher would only be a facilitator to stimulate the learning. Strong motivation is not the substitute for organized hard work that the discipline of professional programme demands. In the working system, we have established; we call upon students to throw real academic challenges to the faculty in classroom for enhanced learning. Method of learning through case studies in management programme and designing programmes for defined need in new areas in computer applications as a part of our pedagogical tools are expected to trigger creative thinking and innovative approach in the participants of the respective programmes.

Such dynamic culture coupled with the dedication of teaching and non-teaching staff, hard work of the students facilitated by the infrastructure including classy campus, amphitheatrical classrooms well equipped with multimedia & other gadgets, rich library, modern computer labs, well built hostels for comfortable accommodation, counseling rooms to trigger one-to-one learning opportunity and state-of-art seminar hall has only made us earn laurels when names of our students appear in top rank holder list of the university.

At this time, when our first batch students of MCA and MBA are passing out, I welcome the interactions from the guardians, impending students and representatives of the industry to ameliorate it for us to accomplish our vision and mission.

Dr. Sanjay M. Shah
Campus Director