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Chairman of Governing Board

In its long and glorious history of establishing and managing educational institutions, the SVKM trust has in last four years charted a new path by establishing S V Institute of Management. It is a post-graduate professional institution in the area of management studies. The programme is structurally designed to provide confluence of the graduates of different disciplines.

This creates academic flux and generates synergy for vibrant ambience to enhance learning outcomes. The value- added programme offered by the institution has the focus of career slots in the world of work. That being thus, the real time relevance becomes mandatory in contents, techniques and projects. While its catchment is essentially local from the State, its out-turn has the confidence and capability for mobility across the states in the country and also abroad. The task and the responsibility of the institution for these focal objectives are stupendous.

I understand that for the wholesome and fast development of a professional education institution, autonomy is essential. Autonomy ensures innovative inputs, futuristic concerns and accountability for effective use of resources. The Trust is committed to provide full support for this purpose. The Role of the Trust is, understandably, that of a facilitator. The responsibility of institution building, its growth and reputation is primarily on the shoulders of the Faculty, which is committed, sincere and enlightened. The fact that they are young is not a handicap but an advantage. Being young they have will and vigour to be innovative; they are courageous to experiment their ideas in myriad of ways. The Trust not only promotes these efforts but also provides autonomy.

In ultimate analysis, it is the student who puts its alma mater on the national and international map of Management Education. It is not the shine and polish of the visible components of infrastructure, not even greenery of the campus and comfortable conditioned interiors; it is the caliber and professionalism of outgoing students that come for reckoning the worth of the Institution. We are aware of this. While a certain degree of sophistication, articulation and extrovert trait may be needed at the entry level, what sustains them strength of perception, value judgment and leadership to lead from the front and command. We at the institution are always mindful of these needs and how best these traits could be inculcated during formal training is our objective. Faculty resourcefulness in this regard is the important input.

Though we are very much satisfied with what has been achieved so far, we witness efforts of the Faculty for rightly identifying the direction and the pace of development of the programme. Enlarged and more meaningful interaction with the world of business and industry, I am given to understand, is the priority area henceforth.

I am happy to note that the Faculty is sensitized to the spirit of the Vision Statement. Though there could be inherent limitations of working under affiliated university system, urge for improvement could steer clear of restrictions and make advancement possible. There is the evidence of such efforts.

Dr. Rambhai Patel
Chairman Governing Board