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Students Activities

Students learn a lot about management through the hands-on experience of organizing and managing events at the campus.  At SKPIMCS, students play the role of organizers as well as participants in conference, training programmes, Corporate lectures, Alumni events , seminars , Workshop and the placement process.

Student Group Team

SKPIMCS 's specialization Group Team  allow students to gain valuable exposure to the business community and advance their knowledge in areas of interest.  The Group initiate industry visits, guest speaker presentations, group discussions, games and workshops, all of which provide an excellent opportunity for career exploration and networking.

  •  Marketing Group Team

  •  Finance Group Team
  • HR Group Team
  •  IT Group Team
  •  Event Management Group Team
  •  Communications Group Team
  •  News Group Team
  • Alumni Group Team

Alumni Association

The alumni association pursues activities to strengthen the bond of the alumni with their alma mater and to be useful to society on the other.  At the institute's end, Two faculty members are actively involved in maintaining the coordination of this association and expanding the already large alumni network.  The alumni committee comprises of Prof Bipin Velera and Prof Debaditya Mohanty.  The alumni association organizes public lectures of academic and professional interest, workshops and seminars from time to time. Alumni Commette are arranging Annual Alumni meet within the campus Premises.


I Com - Research Papers by Students and Faculty

The students and faculty members of the institute are actively involved in writing research papers on various contemporary issues in state and national level journals.  Over the period of last one year, the students and faculty members have published more than 15 research papers.  



Yoga and Meditation

Every Year SKPIMCS  organize  a yoga and meditation Workshop at the Pharmacy Hall . in the workshop Invited swamiji  introduced the students to some of the basic meditation techniques as well as some asanas for relaxation and stress management.  All 240 students and faculty  attend this workshop every year and benefited immensely from it.  


Group Discussions

In order to prepare students for their placement process as well as enhance their communication skills, SKPIMCS –MBA has initiated group discussions on a weekly basis for all its students.  During GD , the student of MBA-I and MBA-II are made to participate in group discussions on various current topics and given intensive feedback on their content, presentation, body language and overall presentation.

" Todays" Daily News 

SKPIMCS are having tie up with Bussiness Standard and Economics time with lesser price subscription  for students .
SKPIMCS –MBA  has started a daily news summary under the name "Today’s News in a Nutshell".  This makes sure students are aware of the headlines of the day in various areas like politics, business, sports, international events, etc. and is also a good learning experience in editing.

Industrial Groups 
It is very important for management students to be aware of the external environment and the economic and industrial scenario.  To achieve this objective, SKPIMCS organizes Industries visits every year .

This is novel concept through which SKPIMCS  tries to make students more conscious about the current events and issues around them.  Not only does this enhance their general knowledge, but it is also a great confidence booster.


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