About Library

As we follow that “library is the heart of each school and college”. Our college library has nearby 13000 technical books and 14000 around management books. Our library has a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed; it is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. We have directed ways to find out books. We also provide more than 170 different type of magazine and 4 type of news papers. We use In-house Software for library access. The software helps the student to search location of the books and also to search bibliography. We provide the services like book issues-return, reading arrangement, video viewing, references list and so other facilities.

Sector-23, Kadi Campus, Nr. Gh-6 Circle, Gandhinagar
Ph : 079-23244434, 079-23256475,
Fax : 070-2323434, Website : www.bpccs.org.in
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