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Vision of the Alumni Association:-

To uplift the pharma profession by making strong interactions amongst the pharma professionals in the pharmacy community.

Purpose of the Alumni Association: -

  • To provide an organization where alumni, parents, prospective students and friends, in a specific geographic area, can meet on a regular basis for intellectual and social enrichment.
  • To encourage support for institute and through programs such as development, student recruitment, career placement, community service and professional expertise.
  • To ensure continued two-way communication between institute - alumni association and its graduates.
  • Institute and alumni association will be benefited from alumni involvement and support. Alumni gain from a heightened awareness of ongoing research work in pharmacy community. They also benefited from networking and the opportunity to serve the institution that served them.


Improve and strengthen communication between alumni association and its alumni for better development and elevate the level of association as well as institute.


  • Plan and promote a minimum of one regional event per year.
  • Counsel the Alumni member's regarding future regional events/programs.
  • Promote the interests and welfare of Alumni Association.
  • Encourage friendship and networking among Alumni Association and institute.
  • Enhance Alumni Association presence in the pharmacy community.
  • Provide leadership in support of higher education and alumni association.
  • Provide social and educational opportunities for alumni.
  • Encourage alumni member's participation in community activities.