Ideas on Business Management Dissertation Topics

The business and management field has hundreds of research topics to choose from for your dissertation. You can create business dissertations from many topics that cover the different aspects of business studies. Such article aims to provide you with the dissertation help you need to assist you in choosing a PhD business and management topics for dissertation writing. It will cover the various fields of business management while highlighting the best topics to consider.

Business in relation to the Government and society topics

Under organizational leadership, business management dissertation topics in the US cover various the field of any form of business leadership. Some topics you could consider are:

  • Measurement and evaluation of causal relationship existing between corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of corporate philanthropy on the shareholders and stakeholders of a business.
  • Ways that corporate policies can promote company competitiveness at the same time advance community economic and social conditions.

The global business environment topics

The global business field has international business dissertation topics ideas in plenty. The focus of the topic revolves around business operations in the international environment. Such dissertations touch on global climate issues, international relations, foreign direct investments, and so on. Some of the business dissertation topics include:

  • How to achieve data protection harmony by mitigating the challenges of protecting personal identification information in a global business environment.
  • The importance of the structure of the corporate value chain and core business operations on the decision of the management to adopt the international framework agreement.
  • The effect of geographical proximity of host to domestic investor country towards the reduction of managerial uncertainty.

International business strategy topics

International business strategy topics focus on strategies used by global companies and organizations in their operations. Dissertation topics international business options are varied and not limited to the ones mentioned:

  • Effects of successful social media strategy on a company’s performance in the international business environment.
  • Investigation on the relationship between business internalization and performance of small and medium enterprises
  • The effect of outsourcing customer service from offshore on customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

Entrepreneurship and innovation topics

The field of entrepreneurship in business management is vast, and there are good dissertation topics business management based in such field. With an ever-changing business environment, ideas and innovation-based research topics often are impressive and sources of business ideas. Some of the topics you could cover or get ideas are like:

  • Investigations on organizational drivers of entrepreneurship and innovation in a company of your choice
  • Investigating the contribution of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility in resolving the community business’s problems.
  • The effects of corporate entrepreneurship training and entrepreneurial innovations on the performance of an employee.
  • The effects of entrepreneurial innovation on a business’s operational capability and the market outcome.

Human resource management in the international business world topics

Dissertation topics based on human resource management fields seek to investigate the various aspects of activities in the human resource department of any organization. Such activities include hiring, training, compensation, and retention, among others. some topics to give you ideas of topics include:

  • Investigating the effects of the international human resource trust dynamics on management practices that affect organizational performance.
  • The effects of international human resources activities and cultural orientation of an organization on the effectiveness of management of a multinational corporation.
  • Determining the effectiveness of firm strategy on the alignment of international human resource practices towards maximizing the firm’s performance.


Dissertation topics business management-based options are vast and depend on what fields you seek to focus on in your dissertation. Other fields such as enterprise risk management, organizational behavior, and leadership are other fields that can provide you with ideas for your dissertation. Focus on the most prevailing business issues when choosing the field of research and topic of your dissertation will contribute significantly to success in your studies.