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Library is said to be “Knowledge Hub” of any academic institute. Adapting this in its true spirit, the Institution offers to its student an array of the richest central library facilities with fully computerized, easy access system occupying around 500 sq. mt. of space. Library has more than 7000 books and 5200 tiles on management. 80 Magazines and Journals and 1500 online journals (750 International Journals) empower students and denote as a great treasure for the students to explore and expand knowledge avenues. All major national daily newspapers, business newspapers and regional newspapers are also subscribed.

Apart from a big common library-hall serving as the reading room, the library also houses 10 cubicles for special studies; these cubicles are provided with desk and lamp for study of reference books and proceedings required for project work and home assignments.

Focus on procurement of non-print learning resources including several self-learning packages has been there to inculcate 'learning to learn 'capability.