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M.Sc. (CA & IT) - Master of Science in Computer Application & Information Techonology

Course Description :

Opportunities in Computer Science and information techonology are their higest point in recent yers, including high salaries, multipal job offers, and variety of perks for lurning individuals to join a company. The profram in Computer Application offers students a Master degree with opertuanity to improve their training with advance study in Computer Science.

Eligibility :

Candidates seeking admission in M.Sc (CA & IT) course must have passed HSC or its equivalent examination from any state of India with English and also have a passed at least one of the following subjects. Mathematics, Businness Mathematics, Statistics, Accountancy, Physics.

Admission Form :

Admission form will be available from the college office during office hours on the working days immediately after the HSC result of the Gujarat board is notified.