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Social Activities Teach Your Self

We all have been mildly aware of the fact that an increasing number of MBA graduates are choosing to work for the non-profit sector, either as entrepreneurs or employees of organizations driven more by the need for social good and not commercial profit A bunch of MBAs have taken to teaching through an organization known as Teach For India or TFI, a ‘movement’ (based on a similar movement in the USA called Teach For America, and not to be confused with the Times Group’s Teach India) to harness people who in future, are likely to rise up to become leaders in their domain and hence will be able to help improve the state of primary education in India by influencing those around them.


Teach For India is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who will commit to contribute and spare some time with midle grade school students and creat awairness about tecknology , Management skill’s and about india.  

The idea at Teach for your self has developed by Prof Bipin Velera on basis of his wide experience in corporate and significant experience in academic.  Mr Velera are having one international visits for education and he belive that after one years of Management studies experience, a fellow will become a leader and aware about some managerial skills , some knowledge about information technology. Program was design in a such way that all the students of MBA has participated volunteer and share their knowledge and experience with  primary school teacher’s and students.


 All MBA students in a group will move to assigned schools , spend their time and share information with help of technology ( Laptop , computer ). Outline of this program is Total students of MBA 1st year : 120 + 10  students from MBA 2nd year   Group created : 13 ( 10 students in each batch  )   Group leader : 13 ( group leader is within the group )   Supervision : one faculty to each group School covered :  Pethapur , Balva , Randheja , Vavol , lilapur, khodiyar , raopur.( 13 schools)        

Group Number Roll Numers
1 1 ,2, 3 ,4,5 ,6 ,7 , 8 ,9 ,10
2 11 to 20
3 21 to 30
4 31 to 40
5 41 to 50
6 51 to 60
7 61 to 70
8 71 to 80
9 81 to 90
10 91 to 100
11 101 to 110
12 111 to 120

There are 120 students in our MBA Batch- 2010.  All are having excellent Education background and even social back ground. this movement is base on to end educational inequity in India (start with Gandhinagar area and letter on other part of Gujarat and than india ) and as part of our social Responsibility towards society.   For students of SKPIMCS (MBA)  they created role models such as Lal Bahadur Shastri and APJ Abdul Kalam whose stories of success despite their modest backgrounds inspire the students to see their immediate situation in school as something constructive that will lead to a better life. This innovative Idea has developed and implemented by Prof Bipin Velera – SKPIMCS-Gandhinagar and fully supported By Ms Sonu Gupta- director I/c , SKPIMCS. we got tremendous response from the Principle of the primary school and students.

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