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Event Calender for the Academic Year 2011-12
Sl. No Events Tentative Schedule Duration Faculty Incharge
1 Fresher’s party July Last Week 1 day SM & NJ
2 Thalessemia Test August Second Week 3 days AB
3 Teacher’s day September First Week 1 day MD,KP,NP
4 Industrial Visit September Second Week 6 days KP, RS & MJ
5 Sharad Poornima October Last Week 1 day NJ
6 Aaina: The Mega educational-cum-cultural activity of the college November Last Week 3 days  
7 Yoga & Meditation December Second Week 6 days JN & NR
8 Finance Work Shop January First Week 1 day MD & JJT
9 Sports January Last Week 6 days NT, MJ & KP
10 Marketing Work Shop February First Week 1 day MJ
11 HR Work Shop February Last Week 1 day AP
12 Blood donation camp February Last Week 3 days PN, NR & MD
13 Farewell party March Second Week 1 day NJ


B.P.C.B.A, Sirius in the cosmos of education realm has been serving the purpose of producing potential managers for wholesome business development. Since 1999, B.P.C.B.A. has taken a quantum leap in terms of imparting professional genius amongst masses. It has been scanning the demands of international business management to develop training designs accordingly. The vitality of the course offered by B.P.C.B.A. has opened up avenues for guaranteed success & career stability in business perspective.  B.P.C.B.A. grooms the prospects in the contemporary managerial fashion with the dint of dynamism.

The curriculum covers the management chrome to core to excel in international industry. Following are the programmes carried out for prolific managerial skills:

Industrial Visit: - It is undertaken by SEM-III & IV; enhances their knowledge and its applicability in practice. Their encounter with the prevalent industrial scene channelizes their ideas towards innovation and entrepreneurial development with scientific outlook.

Capstone Project: - It is a gateway towards R&D. The research is the prime factor to be ingrained in professional education programmes to foster over all growth. It develops analytical faculty in students imperative for decision making on industrial grounds. Research techniques been practically employed pave way for their planning and strategic fabrication genius.

Seminars &Workshop: - Hitherto numerous seminars & workshops  covering functions of management viz: marketing, finance and human resource management had been successfully conducted to enhance the comprehension coinciding with industrial managerial skills ensuring quality and excellence. In addition to management functions; the area of soft-skills was dealt in with numerous workshops primarily catering to interpersonal skills and corporate competitive edge.

Literary Events: - The academic year is composed of several literary events to accentuate personality and intellect quotient. Events include Debate, Group Discussions, Panel Discussions, Mock Interviews, Quiz, Extempore, Elocution, and Declamation Contest at zonal, regional and state level competitions. It cultivates positive attitude and triggers confidence to sustain in Global Competitive environment.

Youth Festival: - College gears up candidates for University level competitions, thereby, providing platform to set forth commendable talents. BPCBA has proudly garnered titles and awards in youth festivals over the years; bearing a testimony to the professional training offered by the college squad.

Leadership Program: - Leadership Program dispels inferiority conceptions from introvert personalities and ignites the hidden powers within the individuals. The institute screens and thereby shortlists the students to participate in the Leadership Programs organized by our esteemed university at regular intervals. BPCBA teams have bagged titles of Best Performers, Mr./Ms. Extrovert and Spontaneous Mind in the program.

MAGNET: - A Management exhibition thrown open by the institute in 2010 has raised the standard bar of presentation skills of students to the unforeseen horizons. In an ostentation program Management Across Globe Necessarily Exhibits Talent came out to be a grand success with the exorbitant participation by the pool of BPCBA intellect.

Placement Cell:- B.P.C.B.A placement cell has been serving significantly in industrial recruitment process presenting B.B.A  graduates to the companies. The process is being rigorously followed since the inception of the institute and every year a faculty is entrusted with the responsibility of executing the same. Also the placement cell aids in upgrading of the syllabi and modifications required by constant interaction with the industry professionals.

Conferences: - The institute incessantly works out research around the year and has been presenting Research Papers in Industrial Context. The institute has been successfully organizing National and State Level Conferences and Research Paper Presentation Competitions since the decade. Not only the Faculty Members but also the students of this college have been successfully presenting Research Papers at various levels in Intra as well as Inter College Competitions.

Sports Meet: - The institute takes special care in boosting physical and mental abilities serving the physical fitness requisites. Sports both indoor and outdoor have been organized at both college and university levels. B.P.C.B.A teams have won many inter-college tournaments in volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis, table-tennis, Chess, Carom, kabaddi etc. It essentially perpetuates positive energy, mental strength corresponding sturdy build.

All study and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy. Hence the college keeps organizing various co-curricular and extra curricular activities through out the year. To cite the major ones:

  • AAINA: An Academic cum Cultural State level event wherein Colleges from all over Gujarat participate. The event is organized by the students of the college with the objective of extracting their talent and developing their managerial capabilities. This apart, events like teacher’s day, fresher’s party, farewell party, quizzes, debates elocution as intra college competitions, camps etc. are worth mentioning.
  • SPORTS: We organize sports events like chess, carom, Table-Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, etc. and encourage our students to participate actively. We ensure that physical campus interviews for the students who wish to join industry after their graduation.
  • FRESCOES: A student Magazine that helps students to pen down their ideas and exchange them with others.
  • PROFESSIONAL COURSES: We also encourage students to apply for professional Courses like CS, ICWAI, etc. The College runs a registered centre for CS foundation.


Vision To inculcate value based Management and computer Education to the students and concentrate on their overall development into responsible and committed citizens of the country.



MissionTo equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field. To provide value based education to the students and thus create opportunities for them to face challenges of life To spread intellect and ethics among the committed citizens of the country so that they be an integral part in the process of national development.